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Company Name: Tianjing Space Design Co., Ltd

Company Profile:

Tianyi team by the mature professional and technical composition, through the designer of the visual and spatial planning of the sensitivity, to create a unique, stylish, high quality living space, for you to create the most suitable living space.


Tianyu in the occasion of your entrustment, are uphold the most sincere attitude and the most dedicated service, every detail of the local fine-tuning to the perfect situation, each project will be regarded as the only representative works of heaven and earth, we believe Only such a service attitude can make you rest assured that your living space to the world for your planning and design, and heaven is also your trusted and recognized the best team.


Contact information

Company Address: 339, Huiyuan Road, Taichung City

Tel: 04-23821758


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Designer personal introduction

Design Director Cai Fuhan F.H. Tsai

Design Director F.H. Tsai

2001 Graduate School of Space Design

2005 Established Tianjing Space Design Co., Ltd

Winning record and experience


2013 Dulux Space Color Awards - Gold Award

2014-2015 Design of China's top ten outstanding designers

2016 best space design to create a four-day sales record

London Design London Design Awards

Design Award

private house

The two-oyster Park, the double-oak garden F1, the double oak garden cherry one, double oak Park R1, the beautiful Zengzhai, Emperor's Court, and Tang Jinlong, Chiayi Arts hundred years, Huiyu Yuande,

European Star, Bo stars, Yi Jun, the first Rui, Ke Bo Museum, Municipal Wenhua, Hyde on the 1st, the new industry vision, view of the times, Ren Shan Concord ....


Business guest house

Elite building guest house, Chongming car, polymerization made alone show

Corporate headquarters

Xuyang International Seiki Factory Office, Yi Li to create corporate headquarters, Jiahuan footwear headquarters

Construction of the company sample house housing

Fine Yin Yue Hall, the elite flower tree, the new shop rich river, Dengyang Parker, Shun Yuan Di Pan, Jiu Tang construction

Commercial space

CROCODILE department store counter, MR.38 Donghai shop Fengjia shop, Jingheng car display space

Books included

HOUSE IN TAIWAN House in Taiwan I, HOUSE IN TAIWAN House in Taiwan II, Fashion Design Festival Works Yearbook TOP100, beautiful home 2016 hundred designers yearbook, iw furnishings 88, TAIWAN STYLE desktop aesthetics, desktop philosophy luxury luxury high-end residential, HOUSE IN TAIWAN house in Taiwan I,

Asia Pacific Luxury Grand Prix II ....